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Work with a software development agency or hire your own in-house team?

5 reasons why you should work with a software development agency:

Nowadays there are many companies that have technological needs and, therefore, need to have software developers. The solution is either hiring in-house or working with an external software development agency that will do everything for them.

In this blog we are going to focus on the TOP 5 reasons why we believe it is worth working with a software development agency. Obviously, as we will also discuss later, it all depends on the company in question. These reasons will not always be a good enough reason not to have, at least, someone technical in your own team.

So, for whom is it advisable to work with a software development agency, and for whom is it better to hire its own in-house software development team?

As a high-level answer we will recommend those startups and companies that are just getting started, during their first years, to go with an agency. Apart from these, large companies whose focus is not technology, we also recommend having the help of an agency, so as not to divert attention from what they already know how to do, and have proven that they are good at for years.

On the other hand, scaleups, startups and companies that have been working for years, have a good millionaire investment or budget and whose main focus is technology, at some point, although not all, but part of their technical team should be internal.

After this quick answer, let’s see the TOP 5 reasons we have selected why we believe that working with a software development agency such as DigizoneLabs can be very advantageous for many companies of all sectors and sizes:



We all know what work peaks are and especially in start-ups, they come when they come and often you can do little to control them. 

In this case, if you have your own team, you often can’t supply all the work at certain times or, on the other hand, you leave a lot of people that you have hired and you are paying day by day, month by month, without much to do.

This can be quite frustrating, especially if you are a company with limited resources, or even if you are a large company with a good budget, it can be frustrating to have people “standing around” without giving them work from time to time.

Not only is it frustrating for the employer, but also for the employee, as they will spend many days where their tasks will be minimal and they will be bored until they find something they like more. Or on the other hand, to fill in their working hours, they will be made to do tasks not so closely related to what they like and, in the end, the result will be the same: talent drain.

With a software development agency, you can have peace of mind at all times, as you don’t need to have a fixed number of people employed. In this case, you have the flexibility to schedule the number of programmers you need in sprints or phases, and if you need more or less at any given time, you can adjust without any problem. 

In this way, you can scale your team little by little with the help of the software development agency without the need for high fixed costs, whether or not there is work to be done. It is a matter of optimising the company’s resources as best as possible with a reliable partner.


When you hire a software development agency, you are not only hiring a front-end and a back-end programmer (to give an example). When you hire the agency, you hire the whole team, your dream team: Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Back-End Programmer, Front-End Programmer and QA.

Imagine having to hire a team with expertise in each of these areas. The costs would go up considerably. That is why having a software development agency that has each and every one of the profiles mentioned above is always a great ally.


When you finally decide to work with a software development agency, one of the great advantages is that you don’t have to train anyone. The agency is experienced enough to jump into your project and get up to speed quickly. 

That’s why the speed of work will be much higher, especially at the beginning. You don’t have to train an agency and do the same onboarding as you would do to your own employee. If the agency is committed enough, as is the case with DigizoneLabs for example, it will give its opinion and advice on what is best for the client, and from there it will start working immediately, putting in more or less resources according to the needs and timescales of each project.


As you will already know if you are in the technology world, so if you are reading this blog, it is understood that yes, quality programmers, at this time, are the golden guys. They are one of the most valuable resources by both companies and agencies. There are many profiles, but it is very hard to find one that fits perfectly with the technology you need, the requirements, the language, the team, and also, that is not very expensive…

In other words, in addition to the time it takes to get started, as we mentioned in the previous point, there is also the time it takes to find the ideal profile.

When you decide to work with the software development agency, you already have access to these types of profiles, with experience in many and diverse projects, with thousands of difficulties encountered along the way, with continuous training and prepared to face your project in an excellent way.


Related to the previous point, from the person you will deal with to carry out the project, to the project manager or the programmers who will carry out your project, they have enough experience to be able to advise you from the beginning on what is best for your technological product.

Working with an agency is synonymous with having a technology partner who, if they are sufficiently committed, will help you to move forward hand by hand with you.

At DigizoneLabs, for example, we love to work with entrepreneurs and companies with interesting tech products and advise them on the best way to do things. Sometimes, even our CTO takes on the role of CTO at our client’s company as well.


To sum up in one sentence, working with a software development agency can mean flexibility, cost reduction and scalability in a safe and progresive way, agility and speed throughout the project, immediate access to a pool of skilled developers and a long term technological partner who will ensure that your product succeeds. 

As we said before, it is not for all companies, but if you want to find out if it is for yours, contact DigizoneLabs, let’s have a first call to get to know us and explain our success stories, as well as our way of working.

Let’s see together if an agency can help take your company to infinity.

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