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La tecnología ha llegado a la restauración

The technology has arrived into the hospitality

The digitalization process in the hospitality industry has been evolving in such a way in recent years that it has become a major factor in opening new businesses or transforming existing premises to achieve better income and profitability figures.

The consumption patterns of customers are changing dramatically towards the use of more efficient, fast and effective digital tools for the management of it. Systems with which to reach new customer profiles and with which to innovate and grow in a period of economic uncertainty

Relatively recently, when someone wanted to make a reservation at a restaurant, they would call. Today, users prefer to do it mainly with their mobile devices and especially through Apps that make the customer’s life easier by offering a wide range of features that go far beyond a simple reservation.

Infinite Posssibilities

Technology brings a multitude of solutions and applications to the hospitality industry to offer customers what they are looking for, in a direct and intuitive way. Specifically, we find tools that allow us to build customer loyalty, for example by giving them gifts for consuming in our store, offering discounts and exclusive offers through push notifications with information that may be of interest.

¿Could pubs and restaurants continue without technology?

Probably so, but certainly the locals who do not do so will be at a clear disadvantage compared to their digitized competitors. Not only do the ways of working change, but so do the ways in which customers consume, and they demand a more efficient and complete service.

 Digitalization has arrived to stay in this industry

Therefore, it is better to adapt to the new models than to stay behind and let your business “die” little by little.

Today, we are already clear that the use of social networks and websites is an essential factor in reaching our customers. To such an extent that we can hardly conceive of life without these elements, according to the experts, something similar is beginning to happen with the UNIQUE applications for business, it is not enough just to be in a marketplace.

The digital solution for your business!

If you are looking to digitize your business with a tool that meets the new demands of your customers, Banzzu® is your solution.

A totally unique and customizable App for your restaurant, with which you can interact with your customers directly and offer them a totally innovative service with which to stand out from your competition.

Among other features, this system will allow you to have:

  • Integrated payment system
  • Order from the table from the same App
  • Home delivery and local collection (no more dependence on external delivery companies and their abusive order fees)
  • Reservation system
  • Interactive digital menu
  • Exclusive offers and discounts for users
  • Reward points for consumption
  • And much more!

All this is accompanied by a simple control panel that allows you to access your users’ analysis, send push notifications, view and manage orders (automatic ticket printing), manage the application’s content (upload news, change menu, modify/add offers, among many others).

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